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A Complete Guide To The HISA Grant

What Is The HISA Grant?

The Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Grant provides coverage for medically necessary improvements and structural alterations to veterans and active servicemembers’ primary homes. The grant offers up to $6,800 to veterans and service members who have a service-related condition or $2,000 to those with a non-service-related condition. 

This grant provides the non-taxed financial resources needed to help make medically necessary modifications to their homes to improve access and mobility. If you apply for the grant, you do not have to request the maximum benefit if a smaller dollar amount is needed. Veterans can apply multiple times but only have lifetime access to the maximum benefit. For instance, if you are eligible for the $6,800, you can break that up into two separate modifications of $3,400 at different times. 

Who Is Eligible?

Unlike other VA grants, the HISA grant does not have a list of qualifying medical conditions or injuries. Your eligibility is based on the improvements and your medical needs. To qualify for this grant, you must have a Veterans Affairs doctor’s prescription, which states the diagnosis and medical reason for needing a home modification.

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You do not need to own the home, but you will need signed permission from the landlord to make the changes if you rent. Additionally, the HISA grant does not have any income or asset limits, and marital status does not impact your eligibility.

What Does The HISA Grant Cover?

This grant covers most permanent construction to the home as long as it is medically necessary for the veteran. This includes:

  • Addition of interior/exterior lights
  • Updating plumbing and electricity to support life-sustaining equipment
  • Replacing carpeting with wood or vinyl flooring
  • Replacing standard bathroom sinks with pedestal sinks
  • Replacing standard bathtubs/showers with roll-in options
  • Improving sidewalks and driveways for wheelchair use
  • Widening doorways and hallways
  • Installing a permanent wheelchair ramp
  • Addition of handrails
  • Lowering counters, light switches, electrical outlets, and windows

The HISA grant does not cover:

  • Walkways to exterior buildings
  • Installation of a spa, hot tub, or jacuzzi
  • Exterior decking
  • New construction
  • Home security systems
  • Removable equipment such as portable ramps, porch lifts, or stairlifts
  • Routine repairs

Applying For The HISA Grant

To apply for the HISA grant for modifications to your home, you will need the following paperwork:

  • A prescription by a VA physician that includes:
    • The beneficiaries name, address, phone number, and social security number (SSN)
    • Identification of the improvement
    • The diagnosis and medical justification for the improvement
  • A completed and signed VA Form 10-0103, Veterans Application for Assistance
  • Construction information, including:
    • Plans and drawings
    • The contractor’s name, address, and phone number
    • An itemized list of estimated material and labor costs
    • All required permits
  • A colored photograph of the unimproved area
  • If you are renting your home, you will need a signed and notarized statement from the owner authorizing the construction. 

The Bottom Line

The HISA grant is a great way to access more capital to cover the expenses of making medically-necessary modifications to your home. If you are a veteran and are looking to widen a walkway or install a permanent ramp, it might be worth applying for the HISA grant

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