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5 Things Your Senior Community Center Offers

If you are the main caretakers of your senior loved one and you are looking for additional local resources, Senior Care Center recommends checking your local senior community center. Every city should have a local resource center for the elderly in your community; these can be called senior centers, senior citizen centers, or community centers. If you have not stopped by your local center before, here are 5 things you may not know your senior community center offers.

1.  Transportation Services

Many senior community centers offer modes of transportation for senior citizens to come to and from the community center. Your local community center may have a shuttle or a bus that makes stops around town. There may also be a shuttle service for seniors to go to the grocery store, to doctor’s appointments, or other errands. Depending on the community center, the service may be free or require a fee. In any case, transportation is an important resource for seniors to utilize because of mobility issues.

2. Continuing Education

You may not know that many senior community centers also offer continuing education classes to promote lifelong learning. This may include fitness classes, painting and drawing classes, pottery and ceramics classes, as well as technology courses to educate seniors on using computers and new devices. Joining a class is a great way for the elderly to engage their cognitive reasoning skills and keep their minds sharp and active. Even dance classes will challenge a senior’s ability to memorize choreographed dance as well as muscle memory. Continual learning will also give seniors the ability to feel like they are pursuing a meaningful activity and will ward off any boredom. Check out your local senior community center to see what courses they offer for continual learning.

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3. Lunch Meals

Senior community centers also typically offer lunch meals for a small fee or for free to senior members. The staff at the community center cook and prep the meals for the seniors with the intention of creating nutritious food for a healthy diet. This service is very important to the elderly community since many seniors (including those who are disabled) are unable to cook and prepare meals for themselves. The lunch meals also give seniors an opportunity to eat outside of the home and with others in a social setting. Your local senior community center may also have a meal calendar for every month.

4. Health Services

Senior community centers also provide healthcare services, whether it’s a flu shot during the winter season, or checking blood pressure. Each location may differ in its amenities and provision, but most community centers will provide some help in health services even if it’s just informative. Some centers will offer workshops on nutrition, disease and illness prevention, and health management. Check your local center to see what types of health services are available to you and your senior loved one.

5. Additional Resource Center

At best, senior community centers are an additional resource center for you and your elderly loved one. Many centers will offer the above amenities, but can also include special services exclusive to your local center. Some centers will offer day trips and local excursions for senior tour groups; others will host book clubs, guest speakers, and lecturers to encourage lifelong learning. There may also be groups for senior sports and hobbies such as gardening, swimming, dancing, and others. In all cases, senior community centers are a great way for seniors to remain engaged, informed, and active within their community.

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