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When your loved one is in need of 24-hour medical care, a nursing home is necessary. Nursing homes provide 24-hour medical and personal care services. These facilities are best suited for seniors who cannot be cared for at home and require intensive medical attention. Nursing home residents are often recovering from injuries or managing chronic illness. These homes can also offer services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, memory therapy, speech therapy, and such. Unlike assisted living homes, nursing homes are well-equipped with medical resources such as oxygen tanks, dialysis machines, and electronic beds. Nursing homes are long-term care facilities and provide daily meals, medication monitoring, personal care, activities and social programs, and general maintenance such as laundry and housekeeping.

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When Is It Time To Move To A Nursing Home?

Many customers wonder when it is time to move a loved one into a nursing home. If your loved one is dealing with chronic health problems, suffering from repeated injuries, or requires more medical attention, then a nursing home is suitable. Assisted living homes are for seniors in better health but struggle to complete daily tasks on their own. These can include toileting, walking, dressing, bathing, and other activities. However, nursing homes are suitable for those with sickness, disability, or serious injury.

If safety becomes an issue, nursing homes are preferable since they are better equipped to handle these concerns. An important question to ask is if your loved one has become prone to falls. Although assisted living homes provide personal care such as grooming and daily functions, nursing homes provide 24-hour medical attention, specifically to monitor and watch for safety.

Evaluating Your Loved One’s Condition

To evaluate your loved one’s condition, arrange an assessment with a general physician to check their physical and mental capacities. The assessment will determine whether or not your loved one is able to perform daily living activities without the risk of any accidents. Activities of daily living, also known as ADL, is a list of everyday tasks essential for independent living and functioning. Doctors evaluate if the person is able-bodied and lucid enough to perform tasks without difficulty. The assessment also includes instrumental activities of daily living, also known as IADLs. These activities are more complex in nature and include transportation, shopping, managing finances, communicating with others, preparing meals, managing household, and other tasks. After an assessment, you can identify which tasks your loved one has trouble with. This will clarify what kind of support is needed and which environment is most appropriate for your loved one.

We’re Here To Help

If it’s time to move your loved one into a carefully monitored facility, Senior Care Center is here to help you with the search for a suitable home. Whether your loved one is in need of a nursing home or a specialized long-term care facility, Senior Care Center is here to guide you to the right place. Our advisors are available to help you explore budget-friendly options, accommodations, and government-sponsored programs to meet your financial plans. Call us now at (866) 518-0936 to set up a one-on-one appointment with a personal advisor. We’ll walk you through the process and address all your concerns and questions. We can also set up tours for each community you are interested in. Senior Care Center is happy to help you select the right home for your family.

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