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Senior apartments are independent living communities that are typically suited for seniors who are aged 55 and up. If your family member or loved one is in good health and able to live independently, senior apartments are a good option to consider. Seniors who are healthy and able to perform activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, eating, bathing, and other tasks for everyday functions, are able to live independently without any personal care assistance. Most senior care homes are divided into categories that are defined by provision of personal care services or medical services. In the case of an independent senior, there is no need for heavy assistance in either of these areas. Therefore, senior apartments are designed for the independent and active senior who is able to function well on his or her own.

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Are Senior Apartments Suitable For My Loved One?

If your family member has a desire to live independently, but does not want the burden of maintaining a home, then senior apartment living is a suitable option. In a 55+ community, the apartments are rented out to seniors who are looking to live with others in the same lifestage. In a typical apartment complex you will have a mixture of families, singles, and adults, which will provide a lively and active environment. Senior apartment give its residents an opportunity to be in an environment that is more calm, peaceful, and relaxed. The community also provides amenities and conveniences that help seniors maintain a rested lifestyle. These conveniences include daily meals, utilities, cable tv, fitness and exercise programs, social activities, transportation services, housekeeping, laundry and linen service, special events, and other activities. Most senior communities will have 24 hours staff that is available to help with any needs. Some residencies will also provide onsite medical assistance when needed, or healthcare centers within the complex.

Some things to consider when moving to a senior apartment are location, size of rooms, monthly budget, and amenities provided. If you are downsizing from a home, tour the apartment complex to see if the size of its rooms are suitable for you and your belongings. Senior apartments also vary in its monthly rent, so find an apartment complex suitable to you needs and budget range. In some 55+ apartment complexes, residents moving in will get to bring their own furniture and can bring their pets. Driving seniors can also bring their own vehicles since many apartment complexes will provide parking garages and spaces.

Financial Assistance

In terms of financial assistance, Medicaid and Medicare do not cover the costs of senior apartments and independent living situations. However, there are some government programs that will help subsidize rent for seniors who are low-income and need financial assistance. Since each low-income housing program is different, you can contact your local public housing agency or HUD (housing and urban development) office to see which programs you qualify for.

We’re Here To Help

If you find that your loved one is needing a little more assistance than what is offered at an independent living situation, then you can consider moving them to an assisted living home or a care home. In either case, our personal advisors want to help your family members find the right living situation, whether it be a senior apartment complex or an assisted living facility.

Our advisors want to help you find a home that will be perfectly suited to your loved one’s needs. We can also help you explore more budget-friendly options, accommodations, and government-sponsored programs to meet your financial plans. Call us now to set up a one-on-one appointment with a personal advisor. We’ll carefully walk through the process with you and will address all your concerns and questions. We can also help you set up tours for each community you are interested in viewing. Our advisors are here to help you explore every possibility and option available to you, and will help you examine the many benefits and advantages of each residency. We’re happy to counsel you through the process of selecting the right home for your family!

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