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Real Family Stories

At Senior Care Center, our aim is to bring your family peace of mind as you find the perfect community for your senior loved ones to thrive. Every day across America, we’re helping families know that they’re not alone in caring for their elderly. Here are just a few of real-life stories of how Senior Care Center has helped local families in your region.


Keeping Dad Safe From Accidents

“My dad had a bad fall this year and I was very worried about his health condition. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s so we worry that the progression of its symptoms would make it difficult for him to remain active. I work erratic hours at my job and with my kids away at college, there would be no one in my family to keep an eye on my dad. I was moments away from hiring a live-in nurse until someone at my work mentioned Senior Care Center. A facility site seemed like the best option so my dad can be around more eyes. I called in and was surprised by how many other options I had. After talking to one of the advisors, he recommended that I tour some sites before making a choice for my dad. I visited an assisted living home which had fewer residents and was close to our neighborhood. It seemed like the right fit for my dad, and when we moved him in, I could tell he was happier and less frustrated than before. “

Las Vegas

Lonely Bachelor Needing Company

“When mom passed away several years ago, I told my dad to move in with us but he was too stubborn. Since then, he’s lived in his bachelor pad, but it’s become more like a man cave nowadays. My brother and I were worried that my dad would get lonely. He also wasn’t very good at cleaning or cooking since mom took care of that. We would hire people to go over to the house to clean and once in awhile I’d drop by and cook a meal or two for dad. But since my wife and I have gotten busy running our own restaurant, there’s rarely any time for us to check up on dad as much as we’d like. I felt so overwhelmed with guilt because I couldn’t figure out a way to make him more comfortable living with all of us. I saw an advertisement with Senior Care Center’s services and called to see what the options were. We were surprised they had senior apartments and living communities that would take care of the household duties like cooking, laundry, and even transportation. Best of all, since it’s a community filled with senior activities and events, my dad did well for himself and has made more friends. Without the help of Senior Care Center, my dad wouldn’t be as well off and happy as he is now. Thanks Senior Care Center!


Moving Closer To Home

“My great aunt Ruthie has been living in a two story home by herself in the last few years. My husband and I have frantically worried about her well-being because she was forgetful. It got so bad aunt Ruthie would often miss meal time! Since she lived a few hours away from us, we had no idea how to find right help that she needed. I wanted to move aunt Ruthie home with us, but with 3 of my own kids, it wasn’t exactly ideal. Finally, my brother-in-law recommended we seek help from Senior Care Center. We never heard of it but gave the center a call, and I was amazed how easy and accessible the advisors were. Every question on my mind was addressed. Marcia, my advisor was so good about listening to my concerns with my aunt. Marcia recommended a few sites near our home to visit and set up a tour for my husband and I to visit. Even though my aunt Ruthie felt hesitant to move, she knew it was also time for her to get more assistance at home. The great thing about each facility was the distance from our home. I had told my advisor that the most important concern we had was distance, we wanted my aunt to be as close to us as possible so we can visit her often. Marcia helped us find the perfect site, located just 5 minutes from our home. I couldn’t believe how easy the process was with Senior Care Center. I am so glad I called and had Marcia there to help me figure out how to do this!”

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1. Talk To An Advisor
1. Talk To An Advisor
Give us a call today and we’ll schedule you a FREE one-on-one consultation with one of our advisors. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step to address all your questions and concerns.
2. We’re Here To Listen
2. We’re Here To Listen
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3. We’ll Find The Perfect Home
3. We’ll Find The Perfect Home
After the assessment, our advisors will match you with the perfect home. We’re confident we’ll find a place where your loved ones can thrive and feel safe and sound.
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