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If your loved one needs assistance but would be more comfortable in an intimate space, residential care homes may be the right choice for you. Care homes are typically residential homes or communal homes meant for six or fewer residents. These facilities have a homey environment, giving seniors a relaxed and comfortable living space. Similar to assisted living facilities, care homes emphasize services in personal care. Care home staff are made up of qualified care assistants who monitor the residents 24 hours a day. Trained skilled nurses are available on an as-needed basis. For this reason, care homes are best suited for aging seniors who are in good health, but need assistance in activities of daily living.

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Does My Loved One Need A Care Home?

When deciding whether your loved one is suited for a care home, first assess their ability to complete activities of daily living. These are everyday tasks that are needed to function independently, such as bathing, feeding, walking, toileting, dressing, and many others. Healthy seniors who complete these tasks without difficulty are able to live in an independent living situation. However, seniors unable to perform these functions will need assistance in personal care. Those in need of personal care assistance are suited for assisted living or care homes where there is an emphasis on this service. If there is also medical illness, injury, or conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s present, then nursing homes or memory care homes are most suitable.

The Difference Between a Care Home and a Nursing Home

There are a few differences between a care home and a nursing home. Care homes have smaller living spaces with fewer residents and medical amenities available. Nursing homes are suited for chronically ill or injured seniors who need medical services available 24/7. Nursing homes staff skilled nurses to administer medical attention to its frail residents. Since there is a heavy emphasis on medical services, nursing homes also provide therapy services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, memory therapy, and physical therapy.

On the other hand, care homes are suited for those in standard health but still need assistance completing activities of daily living. Care homes emphasize personal care services whereas nursing homes emphasize providing medical care for its ailing seniors. Care homes have certified care assistants who help residents perform daily tasks such as eating, getting dressed, bathing, personal hygiene, and such. The homes provide meals as well as social activities and programs. The intimate setting and space allows the staff to be more involved with care home residents.

We’re Here To Help

If your loved one needs help with personal care activities and would thrive in intimate communities, then a care home may be right for them. Senior Care Center’s personal advisors want to help you find the right home where your loved one can feel comfortable and taken care of. We can also help you explore budget-friendly options, accommodations, and government-sponsored programs to meet your financial plans. Call us now at (866) 518-0936 to set up a one-on-one appointment with a personal advisor. We’ll walk you through the process and address all your concerns and questions. We can also help you set up tours for each community you are interested in viewing. Our advisors are here to help you explore every option. We’ll help you examine the many benefits and advantages of each residency. We’re happy to counsel you through the process of selecting the right home for your family.

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