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Help Me Find A Senior Center Near Me!

At Senior Care Center, we often get phone calls from desperate family members who are overwhelmed with the endless choices they have when it comes to finding a home for their elderly loved ones. We understand! With so many options, how do you decide which home is the right one for your loved one? Don’t take on more than you can handle. Senior Care Center can help you find the right place that is best suited for you and your loved one. We hear many of our clients phone in with a desperate question: “I don’t know what to do! Can you help me find a senior care home near me?”  Yes, we can! That’s exactly why our advisors are here to assist you! Don’t worry, leave the work to us and we can give you a list options that work best for you and your senior citizen.

How Close Should I Be To My Loved One’s Senior Care Home?

This is a great question to ask! It depends on you and how often you would like to visit your loved one. If you desire to visit your loved one at least once every week, you’ll want to find a facility that is close to home. Keep in mind that you’ll want to maintain a comfortable drive for yourself, so it would be best to find a senior home that is less than an hour’s drive away.

Some family members want to stay as close as possible to their loved ones and let their Senior Care Center advisors know this. In this case, we can find senior care homes as close as 5 minutes from their residency. This allows the family members to have an option to visit on a daily basis since it’s so close to home. We highly recommend family members to visit your senior loved ones as much as possible. Regular visits not only keep their spirits up, but will also give you a better sense of how the care home staff is treating your loved one. If you suspect any negligence or lapses in care, regular visits to the facility can help you detect the problems faster.

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Our Senior Care Advisors Are Helping Families Find Senior Care Close To Home!

One of our greatest joys is hearing our customer’s stories of how our Senior Care advisors have helped their families and loved ones. We take great pride in knowing that we are providing the best quality service to our clients. When customers like you feel satisfied, we know we’ve done our job! Here’s one of our favorites stories from one of our customers who found the perfect senior center near home.



Marissa’s Story

Marissa T. writes: “ Dear Senior Care Center, thank you so much for helping me and my mom! I feel so lucky that we got Jake, our advisor! He was so informative about the process and answered question after question about the right place for my mom. My husband and I were so relieved because we have been looking for months and felt like we weren’t getting anywhere. My mom suffers from Lewy body dementia and it’s been difficult knowing which place would best take care of her disease.

When I was young, I remember my mom would bake cookies for me when I came back from school. Sometimes she would make them pumpkin shaped because she knew I really liked those. Whenever I came through the front door, I remember she would have this big smile on her face, like she had a surprise for me. I was so happy about the cookies and this is one of my favorite memories of mom.

Over the years, I’ve had my kids and as my mom became “grandma”, I noticed that she started to have trouble remembering my kids’ names. It wasn’t as big of an issue until I also noticed she kept forgetting important things such as her birthday and would see things that weren’t there. After taking her to the doctor a few times, he informed us that she has Lewy body dementia. It was hard taking in the news, but from there my husband and I had to start thinking of the ways we could take care of my mom. She stayed with us for a few years, but as symptoms started to get worse, it was harder for me to keep up and I knew we had to find a place for her to get more help.

 When my husband and I called Senior Care Center, we were at our last wits because it was hard to figure out where to find a smaller facility that specializes in Lewy body dementia and was close to home. We also felt overwhelmed because there were too many places, too many options, and we didn’t’ know the differences between each one. Jake, our advisor, talked us through every question we had! When I explained my mom’s condition, he was very understanding and helped us find a couple of places to consider. I couldn’t believe how much faster it was and that it was a free service. Jake set up the tours for us and right away we found the right place for my mom. The care home we found was just a 6 minute drive from home and I would stop by after work to see my mom.

My favorite part about this is having mom close to home. Nowadays, my kids and I will make those pumpkin shaped cookies for her, and we’ll go visit grandma and remind her of the times she made cookies for me when I came home from school. It is such a precious moment when my kids are able to present those cookies to her and she’ll have a big smile on her face. Thank you Senior Care Center and Jake for helping our family!”


Senior Care Center Is Here To Help You Make Memories

 We’re so glad Marissa shared her family story with us! We’re glad to be able to share these experiences with you and your family. Senior Care Center is here to help you make memories with your loved ones by helping you find the right home for your loved ones. We’d love to help you by making this process easier. Give us a call today at (855) 242-9668 and our advisors will help you find the perfect senior care home near you!



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