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5 Activities For Seniors To Keep Them Feeling Young

When you retire from work or become a senior, one of the main questions you’ll hear is “What are you going to do now?” Transitioning into retirement as well as becoming a senior citizen has its rewards and benefits as well as challenges. As you age, your body tends to slow down and you must make an effort to keep your energy levels up. It’s easy to slip into weariness and find ways to abstain from activity, which may make you feel more tired and stagnant. What are some ways to keep your energy levels up and continue in the zest of life? Studies have shown that staying active in your senior years can add 5 years to your life. Healthy activities not only bring enjoyment to a senior’s pastime, but can greatly impact mental and emotional well-being. Here are just a few suggestions to help you live a fulfilling and active lifestyle in your golden years.


1. Join A Group Exercise Class


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Your local gym, fitness center, or community center may offer senior exercise classes such as yoga, dance, and aerobics. Joining a group exercise class not only keeps you active and healthy, it also provides an opportunity to meet other seniors and make friends with those in your community. A group exercise class will motivate you during activities that may prove challenging or outside your comfort zone. It’s easier to try new things when you’re part of a group where everyone is on the same page and wanting to learn together. Seniors may be surprised and encouraged to find classmates who are in the same life stage and wanting to try something new together. Just as having an exercise buddy is beneficial, having a consistent group that meets weekly will help seniors keep themselves accountable to staying active and fit while having fun in their lives.


2. Go Outdoors


One of the best ways to feeling refreshed is to try doing different hobbies and activities outdoors. Talking a walk outdoors, going hiking, or just going for an evening stroll in the neighborhood can help you feel more energized and refreshed in spirit if you’ve spent most of the day indoors. Fresh air, nature, and being in the sun can help you relax more and feel recharged. It will also do wonders for your mental and emotional health by helping you stay mindful and in the moment. Some activities you can try doing outdoors include Tai Chi, hiking, meditation, yoga, speed walking, and dancing. You can even try other activities such as painting, bird-watching, gardening, and caring for animals. Whatever hobby you may have, try doing it outdoors on a nice day. You may be surprised at how energized you feel!



3. Dancing

If you’ve never gone out to dance before, it’s time to give it a shot! Whether it’s taking a dance class, going out to your local salsa club, or going with friends to a zumba class, dancing is a great way to stay active as well as have fun during your senior years. Taking dance classes and learning to dance will stimulate your mental and physical capacities as you challenge yourself to coordinate movement to musical rhythm. This combination is perfect for helping seniors develop stronger memory and muscle memory as you learn choreographed steps for your dances. Being in an environment with lively, upbeat music will also help you feel more energetic and refreshed. Some dances you can try include zumba, jazzercise, ballroom dancing, salsa, and swing dancing.


4. Volunteering

Another way to help you keep active is by volunteering at a local organization, museum, or shelter where you can give back. Many seniors struggle with feeling purposeless after retirement because of the lack of engagement in society. Instead of isolating one’s self from the community, seniors should participate in local organizations and charities to give themselves an opportunity to give back to those around them. Seniors can serve as museum docents, tour guides, and active members of local groups if they involve themselves in greater causes than themselves. Seniors have plenty to contribute to society with all their history, wisdom, and experiences. Finding local opportunities to get involved will give seniors a chance to feel valued and respected by their community.


5. Take A Class

One other way seniors can keep their mental capacities strong is by continuing their education. Make room for continued learning in your lifetime by taking classes at a local college or community center. Workshops and seminars are a fun way to help seniors feel mentally engaged as they learn and try new things. Community centers will also offer classes such as pottery, glassblowing, jewelry making, painting, and other arts and crafts classes. Learning doesn’t have to be limited to bookish traditional subjects, but can also incorporate hands-on lessons that involve different skill sets. In any case, lifelong learning can be helpful for seniors to remain mentally sharp and engaged.


By incorporating just a few of these activities into your lifestyle, you can remain mentally sharp and feel energized and youthful as you live out your golden years! Senior Care Center is here to help you live your best life now!

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