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Top 5 Activities in LA For Senior Tourists
Published: 1 year ago

Every year, over 48 million tourists make a trip out to California to explore the City of Angels, Los Angeles. With more and more seniors traveling across the nation and around the world, there are plenty of seniors who are eager to know the top activities to do in their…

The Best Disneyland Alternatives for Seniors
Published: 1 year ago

The city of Anaheim is best known as home to the “happiest place on earth,” also known as the Disneyland Parks. We are all aware that the Disneyland Parks are a family-friendly place for parents to take kids. However, the parks may be a source of exhaustion for seniors. The…

Smart Ways for Seniors to Stay Safe in the Summer
Published: 1 year ago

  Summertime is an ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you’re lounging at the pool or firing up the grill. However, the heat and sun can pose serious health hazards for seniors if they don’t take the proper precautions. As bodies age, they become less efficient at regulating…

Does My Aging Parent Need Senior Care?
Published: 1 year ago

As you get older, so do your parents. While they may have a strong desire to remain independent, you might start noticing signs that they could benefit from senior care help. Perhaps they’re having trouble getting around or maybe they experienced an injury due to a fall. Whatever the circumstances,…

Important Statistics on the Senior Population
Published: 1 year ago

  At Senior Care Center, our advisors are happy to help answer every question families may have about finding the right home for their senior loved ones. We know the challenging process of going from home to home in order to find the perfect place where your loved ones will…

When To Call An Elder Abuse Hotline
Published: 2 years ago

As people age, we often lose a lot of the independence we took for granted when we were young. Physical and neurological health problems can limit a person’s ability to live on their own, and issues like dementia can impact things like situational awareness and decision making. All of these…

Choosing a Seniors’ Life Insurance Company
Published: 2 years ago

Do you have life insurance? It’s something no one really wants to think about. But as you get older, it becomes more important to make sure you leave as much as possible to those you leave behind at the end of your life. There are some common misconceptions about buying…

Dementia and Elderly Falls
Published: 2 years ago

In adults over seventy-one in the United States, the prevalence of dementia is estimated at 13.9%, a total of over 3.4 million individuals. The older someone gets, the higher their risk of developing any of the various causes of the syndrome of impaired memory and cognition known as “dementia.” Among…

The Serious Consequences of Falls in The Elderly
Published: 2 years ago

Elderly people are at an elevated risk of injuring themselves in a fall. A variety of health problems and age-related changes, affecting balance, bone brittleness, muscle strength, and other factors, all contribute to an elevated risk of serious injury compared to a younger person. Not only are older people more…

Senior Care: Choosing The Right Home
Published: 2 years ago

 As children grow into adults, it is normal for parents to need additional help as they age.  When the caretaking role reverses, parents transition from taking care of their children to their adult children caring for them. Both senior parents and adult children face the challenges that come with this…

What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of Alzheimer’s?
Published: 2 years ago

One of the most common and often devastating medical conditions associated with old age is Alzheimer’s disease. Associated with declining cognition and memory, it’s the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. This chronic neurodegenerative disease gets increasingly worse over time, as damage to the brain itself from amyloid…

Nursing Homes vs Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?
Published: 2 years ago

Past a certain age, many seniors start to experience physical and neurological health problems that can make it a lot harder, and less safe, to live on their own. At that point, seniors and their families generally start to consider assisted living. You’ve probably encountered the term “assisted living,” as…

Assisted Living on a Budget: Costs and Expenses
Published: 2 years ago

Expenses and Cost Structure Different assisted living facilities have different ways of billing and structuring their costs. In many cases, you may have a “menu-style”setup, where residents can pay individually for services they need, while omitting things they don’t need. Some facilities charge monthly, like rent. Others have a “buy-in”…

What Is a Senior Independent Living Community?
Published: 2 years ago

As you get older, you may find yourself wanting to make some changes in your living situation and lifestyle. For many people, this can mean downsizing to a smaller home with lower maintenance needs and lower overall costs. There are also options for assisted living, for seniors who are experiencing…

The 4 Most Important Vitamins for Seniors
Published: 2 years ago

As you get older, your body’s nutritional needs can change, and you can even become less efficient at absorbing some vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the food you eat. Because of physiological changes associated with aging, there are certain vitamins that will become more important as you grow older. To…

Medicare Coverage and Assisted Living
Published: 2 years ago

More seniors than not end up needing long-term care by the age of 65 and up whether that care comes from assisted living or nursing homes. Nursing homes are good for individuals that need active monitoring and have medical issues whereas assisted living is designed to provide custodial care while…

4 Common Causes of Dementia
Published: 2 years ago

Dementia – defined as a category of brain diseases of various kinds that impair a person’s ability to think clearly, to make judgements and decisions, and to remember things — is one of the biggest health concerns for seniors. Many people struggle with some degree of impaired memory and cognition…

How Much Money Do I Need For Assisted Living?
Published: 2 years ago

Many seniors are eventually no longer able to live completely independently, due to physical or neurological health issues that make everyday tasks a little harder than they used to be. As you get older, it’s important to start making sure you’re prepared to make this transition when you need to….

When Can You Get Social Security?
Published: 2 years ago

If you’re like most people, you’ve been paying into Social Security for most of your working life. As you get older, you start thinking about how and when you can start collecting on it. When can you actually start getting payments? There are several different age thresholds at which you…

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